Since the first years from its foundation the Group has set in evidence how much important was to constitute a school of flag and at the same time to allow the formation of a breeding ground that could assure the necessary exchanges, in order to assure the continuity of the Group itself.

Initially such activity has assumed an irregular value, in fact it had performed only during periodicity multi-year (1976 - 1981 - 1987), but in the last years it has turned into a real permanent school, both for the department of flag-throwers that for the one of drums and clarions, and that it follows, to the goals of the preparation and the trainings, the same rules and worldliness of the master-group, where under the guide of the Technical Manager, its collaborators infuse to the young boys both technician practical and behavioral values that are at the base of the civil cohabitation, fundamental then to insert on all accounts him in the Group and becoming a complete flag-thrower.

A school so organized it has allowed to get a real smaller formation, the one of the "Piccoli Bandierai", that, performing a real personal repertoire of exhibitions, it acts and it performs in by autonomous and collateral, both towards the subjects external applicants as for the inside of the "Giostra dell’Arme" where, by now from decades, an important space is reserved for their exhibition.

Now all those boys that are inserted in the greatest Group almost pass through that of the “Piccoli Bandierai”.