GRUPPO Sbandieratori San Gemini Honor est preamium virtutis since 1974

Our history

The Flag-waving Group of San Gemini was born in 1974 as part of the "Giostra dell'Arme", an event commemorating the glory and ancient splendor of our beloved town, thanks to the will and intuition of some young people helped by a young flag master Arezzo who will follow the fortunes of the group with enormous dedication for over forty years.

The group initially born under the effigy of the Rione Rocca with the name "Gruppo Sbandieratori Casventum" will quickly become autonomous by starting the long uninterrupted road that will lead it to represent the name of the city in Italy and in the world.

Our flag technique is the result of a continuous search for perfection and harmony of movement, placing itself as a point of balance between the historical / war aspect, therefore closer to the ancient task of those who held the banner in times of war, and the purely artistic and spectacle aspect.

From our forty years of experience we can certainly say that in every square our group has collected the favors and applause of the spectators without ever betraying the expectations and the honor of our name, always trying to satisfy the will of those who host us with professionalism and rigor.


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